The body camera is more than just a wearable camera, it’s a complete IoTconnected multi-sensor device. Extensive remote networking capabilities allow you to interact with the camera through 4G LTE and/or Wi-Fi networks.


The technical functionalities incorporated into the device include a new 180° lens with up to 4K resolution, bidirectional audio, GPS tracking, and the latest generation Qualcomm™ processor, including an advanced and open API for interoperability with other platforms.

High Quality Video – Panomorph lens technology provides a higher level of detail across the entire 180° field of view when compared to standard wide-angle or fisheye lenses ejes.

Image Stabilization – A 9-axis motion sensor captures real-time orientation and acceleration of the camera, allowing for accurate image stabilization.

Embedded QR Codes – Every video frame includes watermarked metadata such as GPS position, wearer ID and 9-axis motion information.

4G LTE / Wi-Fi

Always-on network for live remote access, alert notifications and live streaming.

Location Tracking

Capture, stream and record accurate GPS positions.

BLE Auto-identification Bluetooth

Verification of 2 devices with the same code

Storage Incident in the Cloud

Database storage of all events and incidents directly to the Cloud

Online video streaming in the Cloud

Cloud video streaming in real time